Our Work:

The NAEDB’s work supports and encourages meaningful engagement with Aboriginal people and plays a critical role in advancing opportunities for First Nation, Inuit, and Métis economic development.

Our Advice

The NAEDB plays an important role in helping the federal government develop and implement policies and programs that respond to the unique needs and circumstances of Aboriginal people in Canada. The Board works to bring visibility to the economic disparity between Aboriginal communities and other Canadian communities, and to support of Aboriginal people in increasing participation in the economy. As identified in our 2016-2019 Strategic Plan, the NAEDB is focused on the following key priorities: enhancing Indigenous community readiness for economic opportunities, enhancing access to capital and building stable revenues, building the economic potential of our lands and minimizing environmental impacts, supporting Indigenous businesses, and promoting the importance of Indigenous economic development.

Our Pillars

Addressing the Barriers to Economic Development
Recommendations to the federal government on how to address barriers to economic development.
Increasing Aboriginal Participation in Major Resource Projects
Recommendations on how Aboriginal people in Canada participate and benefit from major economic projects.
Benchmarking the Aboriginal Economy
An assessment of the state of the Aboriginal economy in Canada across a number of key indicators to track progress over time.
Enhancing Aboriginal Financial Readiness for Major Resource Development Opportunities
Recommendations on institutional arrangements supporting community financial management and on strengthened capacity to support sound financial management.
Improving Economic Success of Urban Additions to Reserve
As assessment of economic and fiscal benefits that result from investment on reserve.
Northern Infrastructure
An assessment of the issue of Northern infrastructure related to Aboriginal economic development.
Other Advice
Other recommendations and advice from the Board, including pre-budget submissions and commentary provided to Senate and House of Commons committees.
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