The Future of Employment Equity in Canada

The report, “A Transformative Framework to Achieve and Sustain Employment Equity” is a comprehensive review of the Employment Equity Act conducted by the Employment Equity Task Force. This is the first time since the legislation was adopted in 1986 that an independent task force has been established to review the entire employment equity framework.

In February 2024, the Chair of the Employment Equity Task Force, Professor Adelle Blackett, met with the National Indigenous Economic Development Board (NIEDB) to provide an overview of the report. NIEDB Members Ruth Williams and Sandra Sutter are also members of this task force.

“Our task force heard one message loud and clear: Employment equity is not optional for Canada. For a society that is as deeply diverse as ours to flourish, we must prioritize achieving and sustaining employment equity in the workplace.” (pg. 2)

The Employment Equity Act requires federally-regulated employers to take steps to eliminate barriers to equity in the workplace for disadvantaged groups. Access to stable and fulfilling employment is essential for economic empowerment and prosperity. By ensuring that all Canadians have equal opportunities in the workforce, we will help build a stronger and more inclusive society.

Read the full report here